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Drain Clearance London | Drainage Repairs | Guttering Services

PlumbTel offer a full range of drainage repairs and solutions from unblocking toilets to full drain cleaning work. Whether your problem is large or small, we are able to help you 24 hours a day at competitive prices. We also offer gutter cleaning and gutter fitting services.

At PlumbTel, we focus on value for money and customer service and we always aim to beat our competitors by at least 10% on drainage and plumbing services. So look no further, give us a call on 0800-111-4464 for London's best plumbing and drainage company!

Drainage Repairs

We can solve your drainage problems. Our drainage engineers have years of experience and the special equipment necessary for such jobs. High pressure drain jets allow our engineers to clear even stubborn blockages. Give us a call to see how we can solve your drainage issues.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

With the use of specialist CCTV survey equipment, our drainage engineers are able to inspect drains and sewers. A CCTV survey is an efficient way to get an instant look at the condition of your underground drains and sewers. If you have an existing blockage or are keen to avoid one, give us a call and we will arrange a CCTV survey for you.

Commercial Drainage

PlumbTel are also able to tackle drainage problems at your commercial premises. It is common for bars, restaurants and indeed other types of business to have kitchen drainage problems and blockages caused by fatty build-ups. It is also common to experience blockages and damage in public toilets which are often heavily used.

If regular blockages are a concern for you, we can arrange for regular inspections at your premises to ensure that all is as it should be. As the much quoted saying says... Prevention is better than cure (especially when it comes to blocked drains and sewers!).

So why not give us a call, on 0800-111-4464 and see how we can help you, we look forward to your call.

Guttering Services

When guttering is damaged and leaks occur, water damage can be caused to your brickwork and even the structure of your building. This damage may not yet be visible to the naked eye but leaking gutters and drainpipes should be repaired as a matter of urgency.

It is all too easy to think that what appears to be a minor leak should be ok but this is often not the case. Once again, prevention is far better than cure. We strongly recommend repairing or replacing faulty guttering at the earliest possible opportunity.

At PlumbTel, we can help you by clearing, repairing or replacing your existing guttering. Our specialists will quickly clear leaves and rubble from blocked guttering, and repair or replace your existing guttering if agreed and required.

If you have problems with your guttering, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800-111-4464 to see how we can help you..



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